Oxyview System

Oxygen Electrode Measurement Teaching System

Convenient, low cost system for teaching of photosynthesis research &cellular respiration measurements using the oxygen electrodeClear cast acrylic DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber with integral Clarktype polarographic oxygen electrodeOxyview electrode control unit with integral magnetic stirrerOxygen content of sample displayed as digital or percentage valueUser-friendly configuration via a responsive 4 button control panel and aseries of comprehensive menu screensAnalogue output for connection to a chart recorder or other externalrecording deviceMinimal footprint (90 x 135mm) allowing multiple units where benchspace

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Hansatech Instruments Hansatech Instruments is a small, British,scientific instrument company locatedin the heart of rural Norfolk. For over 40years, our efforts have been concentratedtowards the design & manufacture of highquality instrumentation for teaching andresearch in the fields of cellular respirationand photosynthesis. Our instruments arenow in use in a wide range of programsin more than 100 countries throughoutthe world and have gained an enviablereputation for quality, reliability andexcellent price/performance. Products Hansatech Instruments product rangecovers a wide range of applications inthe fields of photosynthesis and cellularrespiration. We manufacture oxygenmeasurement systems based on Clarktype polarographic oxygen sensors,chlorophyll fluorescence measurementsystems for both continuous excitationand pulse-modulated measurementtechniques and optical instrumentationfor the measurement of samplechlorophyll content. Support Purchasers of Hansatech Instrumentsproducts can be assured of ongoingsupport and prompt and efficientattention to enquiries at all times.Customers are encouraged to registertheir instruments on our website whichallows access to our Support TicketingSystem in addition to instrumentsmanuals and software upgrades. Scan the code forfurther information.

Overview The Oxyview liquid-phase oxygen electrode teaching system has been designed in response tothe ever-increasing demand for a low-cost system for teaching photosynthesis and respirationmeasurements using oxygen electrode techniques. The system is designed to be used in a busyteaching environment but is equally at home in a modern research facility. The system providesa high degree of flexibility allowing oxygen evolution or consumption to be demonstrated from awide range of samples from isolated chloroplasts to mitochondria suspensions in assays for bothphotosynthesis and cellular respiration studies.The Oxyview system is an ideal solution for practical demonstrations of this significant and highlyflexible method of bio-sensing throughout all areas of the biological sciences. It is setup andconfigured in minutes allowing multiple systems to be used easily amongst large groups for studentpracticals and techniques sessions.The system comprises the Oxyview control unit, S1 Clark type electrode disc and DW1/AD liquid-phase electrode chamber with a range of accessories and spares also included (excluding circulatingwater bath and chart recorder).Clark Type Oxygen electrodes have been in use in bio-sensing assays since their development in theearly 1960’s by Prof. Leland Clark. Their use was first demonstrated as an effective tool for monitoringglucose in blood samples. Subsequently, Clark type oxygen electrodes are now used in an enormousnumber of different bio-sensing applications from measurement of mitochondrial respiration in bio-medical applications and as a probe of photosynthetic performance in plant biology labs.The OXYV1 Oxyview control unit has been designed as a convenient, low cost oxygen electrodecontrol unit for teaching studies of photosynthesis and cellular respiration using the oxygenelectrode measurement technique.The Oxyview is configured and controlled via a front mounted control panel featuring 4 touch-sensitive buttons. Configuration is achieved by navigating through a series of simple menu screensand following the displayed guidelines for each step of the setup process. These configuration stepsinclude setting of the stirrer speed and back-off and gain settings. Once configured, the Oxyviewcontrol unit provides an accurate and stable reading of the oxygen content of the sample inquestion. The Oxyview control unit has an integral magnetic stirrer allowing the overall footprint ofthe Oxyview system to be minimal (90 x 135mm); convenient when multiple setups are required forteaching programmes in limited space.The Oxyview has a 0 – 5V analogue output. This allows the measured values from the control unit tobe logged to an external recording device such as a chart recorder or similar datalogger acceptinga 0 – 5V analogue input.The DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber provides a highly versatile solution to measurements ofdissolved oxygen in liquid-phase samples. It can be used for a wide range of applications frombasic teaching through to more advanced research assays. Due to the gas-tight plunger assembly,the DW1/AD lends itself particularly well to respiration assays in small sample volumes where anyminute diffusion of ambient oxygen into the chamber may cause measurement artefacts.The DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber is constructed from clear cast acrylic providing good samplevisibility & uniform illumination. Precise temperature control of the sample and electrode disc canbe achieved by connecting the water jacket of the DW1/AD to a thermoregulated circulating waterbath.The sample is housed within a borosilicate glass reaction vessel which has a variable sample volumeof between 0.2 and 2.5ml controlled by the gas-tight adjustable plunger assembly. This plunger hasa stoppered central precision bore allowing additions/subtractions to be made to/from the reactionmixture using a standard Hamilton type syringe.

Technical Specifications OXYV1 Oxyview Electrode Control Unit Measuring Range:0 - 100% oxygenMin. OResolution:10 x 10-6 μmols/ml at 20 °CMagnetic Stirrer:Manually operated between 250 -900rpm in % stepsPolarising Voltage:Selectable between 0.4 - 0.9V(0.7V recommended default)Gain:Coarse: x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50, x100.Fine: 1mV stepsBack off:Signal back off in 1mV stepsIntegral TestYesResistor:Signal Inputs:Electrode disc inputSignal Output:0 - 5V analogue electrode signalDimensions:90 x 135 x 85mm. Weight: 320gPower Supply:95 - 260V universal input mainssupply. Output 12V DC 2.5A DW1/AD Oxygen Electrode Chamber Suitability:Liquid-phase respiration/photosynthesisConstruction:Clear cast acrylicSample chamber:Precision bore, borosilicate glass tubeSample volume:0.2 - 2.5mlTemperature control: Water jacket connected to temperaturecontrolled circulating water bathDimensions (D x H):65 x 105mm. Weight 100gPlunger:Variable plunger assembly with centralbore for sample additions S1 Oxygen Electrode Disc Electrode type:Clark type polarographic oxygen sensorElectrode output:Typically 1µA at 21% O2Residual current:Typically 0.02µA in 0% O2Response time:10 - 90% typically < 5 secondsOxygen Consumption: Typically <0.015µmol/hr-1