We JH BIO Innovations Pvt Ltd., started in 1992 are one of the leading suppliers of laboratory instruments and equipment for life science, pharmaceutical, molecular diagnostcs and food & environmental sectors. Our head office is at Bangalore and branch offices at Delhi, Hyderabad,Pune and Chennai. In addition we have resident reps at Dharwad, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Kolkatta. All other important and potential places are covered through sub distributors/channel partners.

JH BIO a laboratory instruments and equipment distribution company covering mainly life sciences and developed it to the present level covering Entire Indian Market with over 4000 customers.

Pioneered successfully introducing several new products with cutting-edge technologies into India

Introduced Gel Imaging Systems for life science applications from Alpha Innotech, USA and established the business in India and were market leaders for over 10 years ( Now part of Protein Simple)

Introduced and established RotorGene real-time Thermal Cycler from Corbett Research, Australia now part of Qiagen and sold over 50 units during 2003-2006. Selling a new Rotary format against the regular 96 well plate format was a huge challenge which turned out to be a great opportunity

Introduced NanoDrop Micro-volume Spectrophotometer into India during 2003 and have sold over 1500 units till 2014. We could retain the exclusive distributorship for over 8 years even after NanoDrop Technologies was acquired by Thermofisher, which has direct operations in India. We were market leaders with over 70% market share. We could create a huge entry barrier to several incumbent competitors for over a decade and could maintain market leadership.

Introduced and established In-vivo Imaging Systems from Xenogen Corporation for the first time in India with over 6 systems sold during 2005-2007 which is now part of PerkinElmer.

Introduced and established Multispectral Imaging Systems for the first time, in India from CRI, USA which is now part of PerkinElmer.

Successfully Introduced Digital Microscopes for the first time into India from AMG, USA ( Now part of ThermoFisher) and established their business.

Introduced and developed Microvolume Spectrometers for Denovix, USA.

Overall responsibility for the company's growth, profitability and overall strategy.

Successfully introduced and implemented CRM for sales & service, and implemented Digital marketing for the company.