phytoGEM (PDQeX Plant)

PDQ_DNA Extractor

Advanced Nucleic acid Extraction System
PCR-ready DNA in 15 minutes!

  • Generates PCR- ready DNA in minutes from leaves, seeds, roots, stems and cotyledons.  
  • Hands-off, fully automated workflow
  • Low cost, high speed, High throughput
  • Compact size fits easily on the bench top
  • Simplifies mutilchannel and robotic pipetting
  • Single consumable eliminates transfer steps and reduces waste
  • Flexible volumes ensure protocols for most sample types.


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  • Hands-off, automated workflow. Rapid, robust DNA extraction device that can achieve PCR DNA in under ten to fifteen minutes. Extracted nucleic acids are perfect for end-point and real-time PCR (qPCR), high throughput screening and pathogen detection.
  • The PDQeX 2400 for DNA extraction utilizes the already established ZyGEM reagents
  • Utilising a closed system that leads to high yields and low contamination risk.
  • Small footprint (200 x 200 mm). The machine is light so processing can be done in the greenhouse with no need to take samples back to the lab.
  • Simultaneously processes 24 samples.


The phytoGEM system consists of four parts:

  1. The sample collection tool (The sample collection tool crushes leaf material onto a proprietary paper and allow for plant samples to be stored at room temperature for months at a time, removing the need for freezing of samples and cold storage.)
  2. Sample collection and storage cards ( The papers are bar-coded  to assist with workflow data integrity.)
  3. Disposable PDQeX extractor Tubes for processing the sample and ejecting the DNA.
    • Eliminates transfer steps,
    • Makes setup easy,
    • Reduces waste,
    • Protected from contamination
  4. PDQeX 2400 Extraction device
    • The extraction tubes dispense directly into 8-strip PCR tubes. The PDQeX is built with efficient workflow in mind and is designed to dispense DNA in a format that makes multichannel or robotic pipetting easy.

ZyGEM Technology  Temperature Controlled Extraction + ZyGEM Kits.

  • ZyGEM has developed a simple technique for collecting cells from a leaf, while providing a storage option and generating PCR-ready DNA.  The cell collection takes less than a minute and the DNA extraction uses the PDQeX technology.  This gives a total time of 10-15 minutes from leaf on a tree to PCR-ready DNA. The machine is light so processing can be done in the greenhouse with no need to take samples back to the lab.
  •  ZyGEM phytoGEM represents a simple technique for collecting cells from a leaf by combining sample collection, storage and nucleic acid extraction in a single low-cost system. Leaf disks are crushed directly onto storage cards in the field using the phytoGEM crusher tool.

  • The PDQeX is a small footprint, low­ cost, automated nucleic extraction instrument that uses ZyGEM Enzyme based DNA extraction that removes the need for purification steps such as paramagnetic  beads and columns. ZyGEM technology uses thermally-modulated enzymatic reactions and thermo-responsive disposable extraction tubes.The methods use thermophilic enzymes that work in buffers that are compatible with Taq DNA polymerase and most other DNA and RNA modifying enzymes.

  • The automated phytoGEM extraction system from ZyGEM is a simple, closed-tube method for rapid extraction of DNA from plant leaves. It uses a powerful thermophilic proteinase in combination with a cocktail of cell wall degrading glycosyl hydrolases. The proteinase is inactive at temperatures at which the hydrolases are active and this allows all the enzymes to be used in concert. After the hydrolases have digested the plant cell walls, the proteinase is activated by a simple temperature shift. This thermophilic proteinase then systematically lyses the cells, digests nucleases and destroys the hydrolases. The result is a cell lysate containing high-quality plant DNA that needs little or no further purification. All of the phytoGEM reagents are compatible with Taq DNA DNA-based diagnostics.
  • Extraction performed in closed tubes,  thereby protecting the integrity of the sample and  protecting technical staff from potential pathogens.

The steps for plant DNA extraction using the automated phytoGEM system. Leaf samples are crushed using the phytoGEM crusher tool (A) onto storage cards (B).  Circular punches are then cut out using a punch tool (C) and transferred into PDQeX tubes (D). Tubes with punches and phytoGEM reagents are slotted into the PDQeX 2400 (E) and run through an extraction program. DNA (F) is ready for use.

  1. Extracted DNA is of extremely high yields due to enzymatic extraction in closed tubes as opposed to traditional methods.
  2. The fast extraction protocols and the ability for 24 simultaneous extracts means that the PDQeX has an extremely high-throughput. This leads to time savings and savings to labor cost
  3. Low risk of contamination due to closed system chemistry and the absence of wash step and elution

PDQeX phytoGEM Plant Kit

  • The phytoGEM plant kit includes extraction cartridges, phytoCards and punches.
  • phytoGEM is the PDQeX kit to use to recover DNA from leaves, stems, needles, pollen, fungi and plant pathogens.
PDQeX  Plant Kit Quantity of reactions Product Code
PDQeX phytoGEM Plant Kit
(DNA from leaves, stems, needles, pollen, fungi and plant pathogens.)