Oxygraph Plus System– Oxygen Electrode


Liquid-Phase Photosynthesis & Respiration Measurement

  • PC operated oxygen electrode control unit with USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Suitable for liquid & gas-phase samples with 0 – 100% oxygen concentration
  • Clear cast acrylic DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber with integral Clark type polarographic oxygen electrode
  • Integral systems for measurement of pH & other ion-selective electrode signals with 16 bit resolution
  • 24 bit high resolution measurement of oxygen signals removes the requirement for gain & back-off settings
  • System expansion to 8 channels via purchase of additional components
  • Windows® software for data acquisition, hardware control & data analysis
  • Real time 0 – 4.5v analogue output of oxygen electrode signal


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  • The Oxygraph Plus oxygen electrode system provides PC control of oxygen uptake or evolution measurements across a broad range of applications from studies of mitochondria and cellular respiration to measurements of isolated chloroplast suspensions in photosynthesis research applications with up to 100% oxygen concentration.
  • The Oxygraph Plus system consists of a highly sensitive S1 Clark Type polarographic oxygen electrode disc mounted within a DW1/AD electrode chamber and connected to the new Oxygraph Plus electrode control unit. The DW1/AD provides a highly versatile solution to measurements of dissolved oxygen in liquid-phase samples of between 0.2 – 2.5ml with it’s clear cast acrylic construction providing excellent sample visibility & uniform illumination. Precise temperature control of the sample and electrode disc can be achieved by connecting the water jacket of the DW1/AD to a thermoregulated circulating water bath.

OXYG1_Oxygraph Electrode Control Unit


  • The Oxygraph Plus oxygen electrode system provides PC control of oxygen uptake or evolution measurements across a broad range of applications from studies of mitochondria and cellular respiration to measurements of isolated chloroplast suspensions in photosynthesis research applications with up to 100% oxygen concentration
  • In conjunction with user-friendly O2view data acquisition and system configuration software, the Oxygraph plus  oxygen electrode control unit provides an effective tool for the measurement of oxygen signals from the S1 Clark type electrode disc mounted in one of a range of liquid and gas-phase oxygen electrode chambers with quick and easy system calibration and configuration. In addition, Oxygraph Plus is equipped with integral systems to allow the calibration and simultaneous measurement of either a pH or other ion-selective electrode (ISE) signal e.g. Ca+, TPP+ or an auxiliary input signal.
  • The Oxygraph Plus electrode control unit communicates with the PC via USB2.0 Oxygraph Plus control units may be configured as single or multi-channel systems of up to 8 units allowing comparative measurements of multiple samples to be made conveniently and effectively. Multiple control units connect to a powered USB2.0 hub which is in turn connected to an available USB2.0 port of a Windows® PC.
  • Oxygraph Plus is designed with state-of-the-art electronics providing 24 bit high resolution for oxygen measurements with 16 bit resolution for ISE and auxiliary input signals. A 0 – 4.5V analogue output is fitted to the rear of the control unit allowing real-time output of the oxygen electrode signal to external recording/logging devices.
  • As with legacy oxygen electrode control units, Oxygraph Plus features an integral magnetic stirrer and all the electronics required to control and measure the signal from connected electrodes and is compatible with all existing liquid and gas-phase Hansatech oxygen electrode chambers and accessories.

DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber


  • The DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber provides a highly versatile solution to measurements of dissolved oxygen in liquid-phase samples. It can be used for a wide range of applications from basic teaching through to more advanced research assays.
  • Due to the gas-tight plunger assembly, the DW1/AD lends itself particularly well to respiration assays in small sample volumes where any minute diffusion of ambient oxygen into the chamber may cause measurement artefacts.
  • The DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber is constructed from clear cast acrylic providing good sample visibility & uniform illumination. Precise temperature control of the sample and electrode disc can be achieved by connecting the water jacket of the DW1/AD to a thermoregulated circulating water bath.
  • The sample is housed within a borosilicate glass reaction vessel which has a variable sample volume of between 0.2 and 2.5ml controlled by the gas-tight adjustable plunger assembly. This plunger has a stoppered central precision bore allowing additions/subtractions to be made to/from the reaction mixture using a standard Hamilton type syringe.

S1 electrode


  • The Oxyview 1 system is based around the S1 Clark type polarographic oxygen electrode disc. When fitted, the dome of the electrode disc forms the floor of the electrode chamber reaction vessel providing a sensitive and rapid response to small changes in oxygen tension within the sample.
  • The electrode disc comprises a central platinum cathode and a concentric silver anode. Preparation of the electrode includes the addition of electrolyte and the application of a thin oxygen permeable P.T.F.E. membrane to the electrode dome.
  • Once prepared and positioned in the electrode chamber, the disc is connected to an electrode control unit which applies a small polarising voltage between the platinum and silver electrodes. In the presence of oxygen, a small current is generated proportional to oxygen activity in the sample.


OXYG1 Plus Oxygraph Plus Control Unit
Measuring Range Oxygen: 0 – 100%

pH: 0 – 14pH

Aux: 0 – 4.096V

Signal inputs: Oxygen electrode (SMB)


Auxiliary (8 pin Mini Din)

Resolution: Oxygen: 0.0003% (24 bit)

pH: 0.0006pH (16 bit)

Aux: 62.5µV/bit (16 bit)

Integral Magnetic Stirrer Software controlled  between 150 – 900rpm  in % steps
Polarising Voltage  +700mV
Input sensitivity: 0 – 9000nA
Sampling rate: 0.1 – 10 readings/s
Electronics: Microcontroller: 16 bit high   performance CPU running   at 32 MHz  ADC: Dual, Low power,   16/24 Bit Sigma Delta
Communications USB2.0
Analogue output: 0 – 4.5V O2 signal
Dimensions(HWD) 60 X 201 x 111mm
Weight: 0.45Kg
Power 12V dc @ 100mA  90Vac – 264Vac @ 1A
DW1/AD Oxygen Electrode Chamber
Suitability Liquid-phase respiration/photosynthesis
Construction Resolution Clear cast acrylic
Sample Chamber Precision bore, borosilicate glass tube
Sample Volume 0.2 – 2.5ml
Temperature Control Water jacket connected to thermoregulated circulating water bath
Dimensions 65 (d) x 105mm (h). Weight 100g
Additional Information Variable plunger assembly with central bore for sample additions
S1 Oxygen Electrode Disc
Electrode Type Clark type polarographic oxygen sensor
Electrode Output Typically 1A at 21% O2. Residual current in 0% O2 typically 0.02A
Residual  current Typically 0.02µA in 0% O2
Response Time 10 – 90% typically < 5 seconds
Oxygen Consumption Typically <0.015mol hr-1

Accessories & Spares Supplied

  • A2 Membrane applicator
  • A3 Top plate key and alignment jig (for disassembly of DW1/AD electrode chamber)
  • S2/P Magnetic followers
  • S3 Spare reaction vessels
  • S4 30m roll of PTFE membrane
  • S7A Spare O-rings for DW1/AD electrode chamber
  • S16 Electrode cleaning kit
  • HAN/USB RS232 – USB adapter