Thermal Cycler – LifeECO


TAS (Temperature Assistance System) technology, Ultra- low noise design, Superior performance, Gradient thermal Cycler

  • Faster ramping rate ≥ 4°C/s cooling / heating
  • Better accuracy: <± 0.1°C, Higher uniformity: <± 0.3°C
  • Gradient range : 1- 30°C
  • Sample format: 96 X 0,2ml, 96- microplate(full –skirted) / 12 X 8 –strip
  • 7 large colorful touch screen interface


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Intuitive Interfaces

  • The Life Eco offers a large 5.7 inch touch screen colourful display, the bilingual language choice, direct comunication and has a very intuitive interface to define your application efficiently.
  • Setting at a glance, powerful program editing function, flexible and efficient to define your application.
  • Pause Function, the program can be manuulay or pre-program suspended.
  • POST normal state to ensure the equipment to protect the safety test, improved user management, password protection, experimental procedures to copy, delete, operating etc.

Superior performance

  •  LifeECO uses TAS (Temperature Assistance System) technology to avoid the edge effect of thermal conduction of the block, which provides PCR experiments with first-class temperature uniformity. It ensures the repeatability of results.

Multiple Temperature control modes

  • Multiple temperature control modes are selectable. The user can choose TUBE mode or BLOCK mode. The BLOCK mode directly reflects the changes ofmetal block while the simulating TUBE mode demonstrates the actual temperature changes of reagents. According to the reagents, choose a suitable temperature control mode to achieve the best condition of amplification.

Gradient function thermal cycler

  •  An excellent gradient function, with a temperature range up to 30 °C, to meet the need, even the most demanding tests.

Smart block

  • When the hot lid is heating, the block can keep lower temperature to improve amplification specificity.

Three modes of operation for your choice

  • Life ECO offers three modes of operation, a single operation mode for one device, an online operation mode where the cycler is controlled by a computer and a network mode to control many devices by one computer.
Model LifeECO _TC-9G/H(b)C
Sample capacity 96 X 0,2ml,  96- microplate(full –skirted) / 12 X 8 –strip


Cooling technology Peltier -based
Display LCD display and touch screen (5.7 inch)
Temp.range 4℃~105℃
Heating speed of ramping Up to 4℃/sec
Cooling speed of ramping Up to 4℃/sec
Temp.Uniformity ≤±0.3℃
Temp.Accuracy ≤±0.1℃ (55℃),  ≤±0.1℃ (≥90℃)
Temp display resolution 0.1
Temp.control modes Block or Tube
Ramping range Adjustable 1℃~4℃
Memory ≥250 typical program onboard, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
Max. No. of cycles 99 Suitable for Nested PCR
Time up / down 0. 1 ~9 min 59 s, suitable for Long PCR
Temperature up / down 0.1 ~9 .9℃, suitable for Touchdown PCR
Auto pause/ power protection Yes
Soak Function Yes
Real-time running status display Graph and text display
Thermal gradient accuracy ≤±0.4℃ (35℃ – 99℃),
Gradient Range 30-105℃
Gradient temperature range 1℃-30℃
Hotlid temperature range 30℃-110℃
Height of hot lid Automatic Adjusted
Auto shut-off function of hot lid When block temperature is below setting temperature or after finish running , the hotlid will be auto shut-off
Port Use USB disk to download programs unlimitedly
Communication Interface USB B
Power supply 110-220V       50- 60Hz
Output power 600W
Size(mm) 335*260*270( L*W*H )
Net weight 10kg
Certificates Ferrotec Pelitier / MET / CE / ROHS