Thermal Cycler – Gene Touch


Five different interchangeable sample block, Ultra- low noise design, Superior performance thermal Cycler

  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • 6.5 inch color touch-screen for convenient usage
  • Auto-recognition of the inserted block
  • 96-well and 384-well blocks with gradient with up to 30°C temperature range
  • Adjustable hot lid pressure
  • 5 interchangeable blocks available
  • Password protection and USB storage function to protect customers’ data confidentiality


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  • Flexibility is a key feature of the GeneTouch PCR system. Offering five different types of interchangeable blocks, the GeneTouch chassis and block design provides you with plenty of options. With its clear touch-screen display GeneTouch allows convenient and easy programming.


  • 5 ‘ colorful touch screen makes interfaces intuitive and user friendly
  • Language diversity
  • POST ensures the safety test and password secures your private protocols.
  • Pause function for your special request.
  • Easy upgrade for future advanced functions.

Powerful hardware:

  • Metallic frame, fashion , space saving
  • Adjustable hot lid pressure. Fit for various lab consumables.
  • The ferrotec long life peltier guarantees the stable performance of the machine with the precise data.
  • Its unique TAS technology avoids weakness of edge effect of thermal elements, which increases the uniformity to keep the good repeatability of results.
  • Excellent gradient function, with the temperature range up to 30 C, to meet the needs, even the most demanding tests.
  • Network function –one computer can control many GeneTouch, best for massive experiments or industry.
  • Multiple blocks for your laboratory choice.
Name GeneTouch.
Model/ Cat. No. TC-EA(Main Body)   BYQ607101E
Block Model Cat. No. B-96GA BYQ607102E B-3048UA BYQ607106E B-384GA BYQ607103E B-48DA BYQ607104E B-41A BYQ607105E
Sample Capacity


96-PCR Plate (full-skirted) 96×0.2ml tubes 12×8-strip 30×0.5ml 48×0.2ml 4×12-strip


384-PCR plate (full skirted)


48×0.2ml tubes 6×8-strip each block


4×standard in situ plates
Cooling Technology Peltier-Based
Display 6.5 inch, 262, 144 Color LCD Display and Touch Screen
Temp. Range 4°C~105°C
Heating Speed of Ramping Up to 4°C/sec Up to 2.8°C/sec Up to 2.8°C/sec Up to 4°C/sec Up to 1.8°C/sec
Cooling Speed of Ramping Up to 4°C/sec Up to 2.8°C/sec Up to 2.8°C/sec Up to 4°C/sec Up to 1.8°C/sec
Temp. Uniformity ≤±0.2°C
Temp. Accuracy ≤±0.1°C (55°C)  ≤±0.2°C (≥90°C)
Temp. Control Mode Block or Tube
Ramping Range Adjustable 0.1-4°C
Memory ≥250 typical programs onboard, unlimited with USB drive expansion
Max. No. of Cycles 99: suitable for Nested PCR
Time Up / Down 0-9min 59sec, suitable for Long PCR
Temp. Up / Down 0.1-9.9°C, suitable for Touchdown PCR
Auto Pause / Power Protection Yes
Soak Function Yes
Gradient Range 30-105°C 30-105°C
Gradient Range of Temp. Differential 1-30°C 1-30°C
Hot Lid Temp. Range 30-110°C
Height of Hot Lid stepless adjustable
Auto Shut-Off Function of Hot Lid When block is below the setting temp. or after finish running, hot lid will be auto shut-off
Port USB
Communication Interface LAN
Input Power 100-240V, 50~60Hz
Output Power 600W
Dimensions 368×250×285mm
Net Weight 10.5kg