G:BOX Chemi XX6 – Fluorescence and Chemiluminescence

G-BOX Chemi XX6

Optimum performance system. Highly sensitive for advanced chemiluminescent Western blots, multiplex gels, IR and routine imaging of fluorescent and visible gels and blots. Higher spatial resolution for advanced applications including 2D

  • The G:BOX Chemi XX6 has 18 million effective pixels with a standard image output of 6 million pixels.
  • The system as standard comes with a seven position filter wheel and epi white light
  • The G:BOX Chemi XX6 is capable of many imaging applications including DNA/Protein gels, chemiluminescence, stain free gels and coloured multiplex fluorescence gels.


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  • For high performance imaging, the new generation of G:BOX Chemi gel doc systems provide the user with an extended range of applications covering fluorescence and chemiluminescence. All these systems now utilise Syngene’s groundbreaking GeneSys automatic control software. Driven from a database containing hundreds of capture protocols, full manual control is available should you wish to use it.
  • The G:BOX Chemi XX6 features camera with resolutions of 6m pixels, has cooling which reduces the small amount of electronically generated noise to produce outstanding images with minimal background interference. These new generation cameras also have higher quantum efficiencies (QE) than most, helping the system to achieve outstanding levels of sensitivity.
  • Whether using the system for standard fluorescence applications such as DNA, or for chemiluminescence imaging, the G:BOX Chemi will give you high quality results. In addition, by using the optional LED modules users can work with a unique automated multiplexed function capable of using up to 5 channels. Other LED modules can be used to turn the G:BOX Chemi gel doc into a highly sensitive IR capture system.  An edge lighting option can also be used for 2D gel capture including the use of DIGE gels.
  • The stylish design with modular construction includes motor-driven lenses, filter wheels with the option of including a range of lighting choices for both Epi and transillumination applications. Syngene has just introduced the new high intensity HI-LEDs option for the G:BOX range, resulting in superior imaging performance for your fluorescence applications.
  • Check the status of an image capture and access your recently captured images from any computer, smartphone or tablet on the same network as G:BOX Chemi XX6 gel doc system using the new “Status Link” feature. This is ideal for any busy laboratory.
  • The system comes complete with unlimited copies of Genetools analysis software.
  • Optimum performance system. Highly sensitive for advanced chemiluminescent Western blots, multiplex gels, IR and routine imaging of fluorescent and visible gels and blots. Higher spatial resolution for advanced applications including 2D
  • Super high resolution with 6m pixel camera having QE greater than 73% @ 425nm giving outstanding sensitivity for chemiluminescence
  • Effective resolution up to 18m pixels
  • Motor driven lens with feedback
  • Integral LED white lighting for sample positioning, visible light applications and colorimetric markers
  • Motor driven 7 position filter wheel with UV filter to extend applications
  • Automatic or manual control using GeneSys
  • Pre-defined ‘one click’ protocols for speedy imaging
  • Unlimited user saveable protocols
  • Use with UV transilluminator for DNA imaging – use converter screen for visible light applications such as protein gels
  • Use with Blue LED UltraBright transilluminator for ‘safe-dye’ applications
  • Includes unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software
  • IQ/OQ qualification protocols available as optional
  • Built-in light gantries for LED EPI illumination options
  • Fully variable motor driven sample stage to accommodate large to small gel formats. GeneSys controlled with auto focus.
  • G:BOX Chemi XX6 model, the ‘extended’ version of the darkroom is utilised.  This extended darkroom has a fully variable motor driven stage which is controlled by GeneSys.  This enables samples to be moved closer to the camera and is especially useful when working with smaller format gels and blots.  Being closer to the lens also helps when looking at low output gels and blots, allowing greater light capture by the camera.  The stage is linked with GeneSys so that the lens automatically ‘tracks’ the sample as it is moved up and down, providing an auto-focus function
  • Powerful automatic mulitplex capture protocol using red, green or blue LED EPI modules
  • Add IR Multiplex kit, EPI lighting modules and filters to image IR blots using dyes from LI-COR® and DyLight
  • Add Edge Lighting unit for 2D gel imaging (DIGE)

Why buy this product

  • Performance
    With the new GeneSys control software the user simply has to tell the G:BOX Chemi the sample type and dye and leave the rest to the automated capture system. Images are produced quickly with the minimum of effort. No other system on the market offers this level of control.
  • High specification
    The new series of camera offer high performance imaging. The addition of cooling enables longer exposures to be used which can be a necessity for some fluorescence applications and definitely for chemiluminescence.
  • Modular
    The new design of G:BOX Chemi enables the user to use a range of options. This includes the latest LED fluorescence lighting modules for Epi illumination, providing the user with the ability to perform coloured fluorescent, multiplex and colorimetric imaging.
  • Brand new HI-LED lighting option
    Resulting in superior imaging performance for your fluorescence applications, thus improving workflow in the lab.


Choose your model

G:BOX Chemi XX6 

  • The XX6 top of the range, high resolution imaging system, suitable for the most demanding users and applications. It is  suitable for all your fluorescence imaging needs and also low light level chemiluminescence from blots and plates.   It is capable of imaging all routine samples, EtBr and safe alternatives, SYBR, coomassie, chemi blots, colony plates and many fluorescent applications including red, green, blue and IR excitation.
  • The XX6 has a resolution of 6.0m pixels, 16 bit camera. It offer very flexible binning options leading to extremely fast capture times and feature a fully motor driven sample stage which optimises the distance between camera and sample each time resulting in maximum resolution and sensitivity.
  • XX6 come with LED gantry rack and epi white LED lighting, optional UV or blue transilluminator and visible light converter.. It is simple and cost effective to fit epi UV, blue, green, red or IR lighting either at time of purchase or later. The new HI-LED G:BOX range has an advanced lighting gantry for your red, green, blue, IR fluorescence imaging applications. Both systems are fully motor driven with lens, a 7 position filter wheel, lighting, sample stage and exposure time, all controlled, regulated and optimised through the powerful GeneSys acquisition software.
  • The XX6 has enough resolution to cope with even the smallest 2D gels. Also some microscope slides can be imaged in great detail with these flexible systems. For DIGE samples an edge illumination unit can be fitted to give the best results.
  • The high specification XX6  systems are an essential component for the lab with multiple sample types and where only the very highest quality images are acceptable.


  • GeneSys is an application driven software designed for rapid image capture of biological samples. GeneSys control software GeneSys is unique, intuitive software for the control and image capture of any Syngene system including all G:BOXs. GeneSys is ‘application driven’.  At the heart of GeneSys is an extensive database which contains an impressive list of dye and protocol data.  The user only needs to tell GeneSys which application they are using along with their gel or blot size and the software will automatically configure the system for that application. The resulting captured images are of exceptional quality and can be reproduced time after time.  GeneSys is a truly unique application driven software unequalled by others.
  • The G:BOX can be used in a fully automated mode which means the user needs no experience in image capture. For those who wish to select their own settings a manual mode is available. To automate the G:BOX further the user can save their own protocols on the Home page. Protocols save the sample type, dyes, lighting and filters used and the position of the iris/focus and sample size so the user ‘clicks’ only one button to go from sample positioning to image capture.  This is especially useful when running a number of repeat applications.
  • It has a simple icon based user interface usable on Win10, 8, 7 and XP platforms.
  • For Western blot applications GeneSys automatically determines the optimum settings for perfect images using any chemiluminescent reagent.  Single images or a series of timed images can be captured if required. You can also image molecular weight or colorimetric markers which are automatically overlaid with your chemiluminescent image.
  • Multiplex fluorescence detection G:BOX Chemi systems offer enhanced sensitivity ensuring that the broad dynamic range available with fluorescence is captured providing exceptional linearity for accurate quantification. When it comes to multiplexing, GeneSys provides an impressive protocol which takes care of all lighting, filter and exposure settings for each fluorophore.  GeneSys image capture software can effortlessly detect multiple proteins simultaneously. Detect up to five different fluorophores on the same gel or blot.  Band intensity values can be normalised to another protein or a loading control eliminating the need to strip and re-probe. GeneSys software automatically overlays image data from each fluorescent channel whilst allowing the user to view individual fluorescent channels to detect overlapping bands.Up to 5 different fluorophores can be imaged at a time which can then be displayed as a multichannel image, as a colour overlay or as single images.  No other system can give you such an automated process of multiplexing applications.
  • All G:BOX chemi  systems are stain-free ready (Stain-free imaging Stain-free technology) and with GeneSys software it has never been easier to capture perfect images of your stain-free gels.
  • GeneSys has a number of automatic functions which help the image capture process to produce perfect, high quality images. (Effective resolution, Flatfix technology, Neutral fielding, Auto gamma control)
  • GeneSys allows the user to take the guess work out of imaging, and produce quick and simple publication quality images.
  • All files produced are a unique SGD format, where only raw data is analysed for quantification of samples.
  • Files can also be saved as TIFF, JPEG, BMP formats.
  • User protocols can be saved to review previous images captured, and easily replicate future imaged gels.
  • Neutral fielding for correction of uneven background illumination
  • All captured images can be simply edited with annotations, edit tools, image sharpen and exported to GeneTools


  • 1D gel analysis •MW/BP calculation •Quantification •E-gels •Band matching with dendrograms •Spot blots •Colony counting.
  • Band analysis/densitometry
    ID analysis at the ‘click’ of a button. Ideal for 1D analysis, the software has automatic lane and peak detection. GeneTools software automatically compensates for smiling or distorted bands and tracks. Molecular weight or base pair values can be calculated using standards from one or more tracks. Quantification can also be automatically calculated from standards in a number of ways. Detailed results can be instantly printed or transferred to Word or Excel.
  • Band matching
    Band matching can be performed by position, defined Rf or calibrated molecular weight/base pair value.
  • Automatic molecular weight/base pair calculations for sample bands based on standards from one or more lanes
    GeneTools has a library of markers for automatic or manual assignment which are user configurable.
  • Multi-tier analysis for high throughput screening
    Especially useful for analysing high throughput gels such as E-Gel (Invitrogen, UK). GeneTools software provides multi-well line functions with automatic track alignment.
  • Manual band quantification
    The user can manually quantify bands, spots or other objects on a sample. All data is instantly exportable to Microsoft Excel.
  • Spot blot analysis
    Automatic detection of spots using a spot grid, quantitative and incidence analysis. The software can also perform multiple background subtraction methods.
  • Colony counting
    Automatic counting of two colour colonies with the ability to count light and dark colonies on the same plate.
  • Export results to Microsoft Excel and Word
    Customised results tables can be exported to either Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Report generation
    Saves reports with customised protocols  designed by the user. All reports are compliant with CRF 21 Part 11.

Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence

Choose your G:BOX

G:BOX F3 G:BOX Chemi XRQ G:BOX Chemi XX6 G:BOX Chemi XX9
Image resolution (pixels m) 5 4 6 9
Effective resolution (pixels m) 15.1 16 18 27
A/D 12/16 bit 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit
Greyscales 65536 65536 65536 65536
Quantum efficiency @ 425nm 52% 73% 73% 73%
Cooling None Peltier Peltier Peltier
Lens (motor driven) Motor driven zoom f1.2 Motor driven zoom f1.2 Motor driven f0.95 with auto focus and stage zoom Motor driven f0.95 with auto focus and stage zoom
Filter wheel (7 position motor driven) Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use with external PC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard Yes Yes  
Extended with motor driven stage Yes Yes
Epi LED white lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Epi UV 302nm Optional Optional Optional Optional
Epi red LED module Optional Optional Optional
Epi blue LED module Optional Optional Optional
Epi green LED module Optional Optional Optional
Epi red LED module M series for multiplexing Optional Optional Optional
Epi green LED module M series for multiplexing Optional Optional Optional
Epi blue LED module M series for multiplexing Optional Optional Optional
Epi IR LED module Optional Optional Optional
IR multiplexing kit (680-800nm) Optional Optional Optional
HI-LED RGB Optional Optional Optional
HI-LED RGBIR Optional Optional Optional
HI-LED RIR Optional Optional Optional
Visible light converter 33 x 31cm Optional Optional Optional Optional
White light pad for visible stains (20 x 14cm) Optional Optional Optional Optional
UltraBright LED blue light transilluminator 20 x 16cm Optional Optional Optional Optional
Edge lighting unit 26.5 x 20cm Optional Optional
UV transilluminators Optional Optional Optional Optional
Max image area (cm) 32.5 x 24.1 30.5 x 22.7 32.3 x 25.6
32.3 x 25.6
Min image area (cm) 5.6 x 4.2 5.5 x 4 15 x 11.8 15 x 11.8
W x H x D (cm) 57 x 84 x 45 57 x 84 x 45 57 x 99 x 55 57 x 99 x 55
Weight (kg) 37 37 45 45
Voltage 115v/240v 115v/240v 115v/240v 115v/240v


Advanced gel doc systems

Applications GeneGnome XRQ G:BOX Chemi XRQ G:BOX Chemi XX6 G:BOX Chemi XX9 G:BOX mini
Fluorescence UV transilluminator Option Option Option Option
Fluorescence UV Epi Option Option Option
Blue light Option Option Option Option
Visible stain converter Option Option Option Option
Colony plate Option Option Option Option
Spot blot Option Option Option Option
Fluorescence (colour) Option Option Option Option
Fluorescence IR Option Option Option
Proteomics (2D) Option Option Option