DS-11+ Microvolume and Cuvette Spectrophotometer

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World’s first Android™ Dual-mode UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with Micro-Volume AND Cuvette Capability for Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantitation. (1uL UV-Vis, cuvette UV-Vis)

  • Most sensitive 1uL and Cuvette Full spectrum UV-Vis  (190-840 nm)
  • SmartPath® Technology
  • Android™ OS with EasyApps® (no PC)
  • SmartQC Sample Contamination Guidance
  • Export to Network, e-mail, Wi-Fi, USB, LIMS, Printers
  • Maintenance and Calibration Free.No Recalibration required.
  • Widest Dynamic Range dsDNA: 0.04ng/µL – 37,500 ng/µL


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Compact, Stand-Alone Design

  • 20 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • No laptop
  • Saves space

Full Spectrum Analysis

  • Denovix DS-11+ Spectrophotometer quantifies proteins and nucleic acids via UV-Vis absorbance and requires only 0.5 – 1.0 µl samples. Instantly view results on screen including full spectrum output, concentrations, purity ratios etc. Suited for any absorbance applications within its 190 to 840nm range.  Just pipette and measure. It’s that simple. Two seconds DNA, RNA, and Protein quantification.
  • DS 11 + Spectrophotometer combing Microvolume Mode (Smartpath Technology with Bridge Testing ) with Cuvette mode can measure low and high concentrations (0.04 to 37,500 ng/µL dsDNA and 0.002 – 1125 mg/mL BSA)

 Total Measurement Confidence
The patented* DS-11+ combines unique hardware and software features to deliver unmatched confidence in sample accuracy, performance and reliability.

  • SmartPath®Technology  – real time, precise pathlength control delivered every time
  • Exceptional for proteins – BridgeTesting®eliminates broken sample columns common on other platforms
  • Contamination Alerts – Instant sample QC guidance
  • Calibration and Maintenance Free. No measurement drift, no service down-time. Accurate results every time.
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Contamination Alerts

  • SmartQC monitors every sample measured for the presence of common contaminants highlights these samples to the user and advises on potential issues. SmartQC also solves the problem of samples being left to dry on the measurement surface by monitoring the sample measurement and cleaning process and warning when the sample has not been removed.

DS-11+ Cuvette Mode

  • Enables up to 10mm pathlength measurements using standard quartz or disposable cuvettes extending the UV-Vis lower detectible limit. The built-in cuvette heater controls temperatures for Kinetics studies.

Intuitive and Easy. 

  • DS-11+ Spectrophotometers are simple to use and fast to learn using DeNovix EasyApps®. The software is pre-installed on a AndroidTM operating system that features an HD, glove-compatible touchscreen. Pinch/ Zoom / Swipe, 11 languages built –in, 32 GB memory and Audio, No PC set-up or software installation is required!

Connect to Your Results. 

  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB allow easy export of data you want in the format you need. Email a csv or color jpg of your results…save data to LIMS or network drives…print results or graphs to network and label printers…and more! Password protected accounts

Four color choices

  1. Cutting Edge and Tech Savvy– how about the modern Arctic White option for your lab
  2. Resourceful and Dynamic – then the brilliant Brazilian Blue fits your style!
  3. Exciting and Passionate about your research- then the Fire Red might be your best choice!
  4. Bold and Innovative in your approach- perhaps the contemporary Tungsten Silver is best for you!

  Upgrade to Fluorescence

  • DS-11+ can be upgraded to add fluorescence capability with the addition of the FX module.

Microvolume Mode: Smartpath Technology with Bridge Testing

  • SmartPath® Technology is Denovix patent pending design to precisely control microvolume pathlength in real-time. SmartPath® ensures the DS-11+ is always in calibration – no drift and no service down-time.
  • SmartPath® technology controls the pathlength in real time ensuring accurate precise measurements. Bridge Testing™ is Denovix propriety process to compress and monitor a sample during measurements to ensure the liquid column is intact. Measurements are accurate and precise for 1µL, even for difficult to measure samples like protein.

Best in Class 1uL Sample Lower Detection Limits!

  • DeNovix Spectrophotometer set the industry standard for the lower detection limits of 0.5 -1.0 uL UV-Vis sample analysis. Detect to 0.75 ng/uL dsDNA, 0.60 ng/uL RNA or 0.04 mg/mL BSA.

Always Calibrated

  • The DS-11+ does not rely on fixed path length calibrations and therefore does not require regular calibration checks. There is no downtime or expense required for routine calibration like many other spectrophotometers. DeNovix offers a LC-NA verification standard for labs that may need to verify proper operation from time to time in accordance with their own quality standards.

 Bridge Testing®

  • DeNovix software includes a proprietary algorithm to test for an unbridged condition in the primary nucleic acid and protein quantification apps. This element of the SmartPath® algorithm not only detects the broken liquid column but compensates to ensure accurate results with no user action required.

Truly 1.0 uL Sample Volumes

  • A key feature of the DS-11+ is that the longest path length used (0.5 mm path) is shorter than the 1.0 mm path used by other microvolume spectrophotometers. This enables the DS-11+ to truly measure 1.0 uL samples, virtually eliminating the possibility of erroneous results due to sample column breakage.

Automatic Pathlength Adjustment

The DS-11+ uses real-time absorbance data to determine the best path length (ranging from 0.03-0.5 mm) to use for each measurement. Ultra-short pathlengths enable highest abs. measurements

                0.015 to 750 AU (1 cm equivalent)

               0.75 to 37,500 ng/ml for dsDNA

Ultra High Absorbance

  • The DS-11+ can measure samples with absorbance values as high as 750 absorbance units (at a 1 cm equivalent path length). This translates into 1125 mg/ml of BSA protein or 37,500 ng/uL of dsDNA. This ultra high absorbance capability is achieved by using a remarkably small path length of 0.02mm enabled by our SmartPath® Technology. Even at this short path length, typical CV of measurements is less than 3%.

Superb Precision

  • The reproducibility of measurements on the DS-11+ is an important performance feature. For example, replicates of 500 ng/ul dsDNA samples typically result in CV’s of less than 1%.

Cuvette Mode: Standard Quartz and disposable cuvettes, Full spectrum UV- Vis  

  • Cuvette Mode enables up to 10mm pathlength measurements using standard quartz or disposable cuvettes extending the UV-Vis lower detectible limit. The built-in cuvette heater controls temperatures for Kinetics studies.

 Extended Range

  • Using the 1 cm cuvette mode enables a lower detection limit 20 times below what is available on the microvolume mode of the DS-11. Measure samples with concentrations as low as 0.04 ng/uL of purified dsDNA or 0.002 mg/mL purified BSA in cuvette mode.


  • Create simple kinetics methods measuring two absorbance wavelengths over a user-defined measurement frequency and period.  EasyApps® streamlines the process to create and save custom methods and enables cuvette temperature control between 37° to 45° C.

Cell Culture OD 600

  • The high-particulate nature of bacterial cell cultures benefit from a longer measurement pathlength. The particulates in these samples scatter light, and a 10mm pathlength provides a longer cross-section of the sample for the spectrophotometer’s light beam to travel through. This ensures the highest degree of accuracy and reproducibility when measuring these types of samples.

EasyApps® Software

DeNovix DS 11 + Spectrophotometer is compact, stand-alone instrument with intuitive, EasyApps® for quantifying DNA, RNA and Protein. Pre-configured apps ensure optimized workflows while powerful Custom Formula Methods app enables researchers to quickly create and save new methods.

Key Features

  • Intuitive app Icons for quick recognition
  • Familiar Android navigation touch gestures and functional icons
  • Fluid pinch, zoom glove compatible touch interface
  • AutoRun option for streamlined operation
  • Optimized screens for reports and graph overlays
  • Password protected accounts for project and data management
  • Absorbance represented as 1 cm equivalent for all apps- no confusion between applications
  • Sample name field is key-focused for easy barcode reader use
  • All data is automatically archived and easily exported in tab-delimited format

Nucleic: dsDNA, RNA, ssDNA

Key Features: Absorbance

  • Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow
  • Preconfigured and user defined factors for ssDNA ensures appropriate concentration calculations
  • High absorbance capability: up to 37,500 ng/ul for dsDNA
  • Nucleotides absorb at 260nm
  • Absorbance * factor = concentration (ng/μl)
  • 260/280 and 260/230 ratios reported
  • 11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorophores for Microarray
  • Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Microarray


Key Features: Absorbance

  • Preconfigured and user defined protein types for A280 (quantify purified proteins by absorbance of amino acids at 280nm) and Labeled Proteins (measures abs of protein & labeling dye )
  • Preconfigured Peptide app for easy peptide analysis at A205/215
  • Quick addition of new user defined protein types for improved workflow
  • Ultra short pathlength enables high absorbance capability: up to 1125 mg/ml BSA
  • 11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorophores for Labeled Proteins
  • Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Labeled Proteins
  • BCA, Bradford, Lowry and Pierce 660 nm colorimetric assays optimized for ease of use
  • Quick save and recall of standard curves available

Advanced App

UV-Vis and Custom user methods

Key Features

Simple but powerful apps enable measurement of more than just nucleic acids and proteins

UV-Vis: Full spectrum analysis:

  • Full spectrum analysis 190 nm – 840nm, reports absorbance up to 6 wavelengths
  • Broad absorbance range for highly concentrated samples (up to 500 A, 1 cm equivalent)

Formula Methods:

  • Add custom formulas to eliminate downstream calculations
  • Apply formulas to absorbance signal at specific wavelengths

Standard Curve Methods:

  • Add new user-defined standard curve methods
  • Quantify any UV-Vis absorbing sample by creating a custom standard curve.

OD 660

  • Bacterial optical density measurements at 600 nm
  • Cuvette mode on DS-11+  shows best performance for typical growth curve cell densities
  • Microvolume shows best performance at high cell densities

Kinetics App

  •  DS-11+ model enables cuvette based kinetics studies
  • Full spectrum analysis (190 to 840 nm), with dual or single wavelength monitoring
  • Built-in heater with temperature control between 37° to 45° C.
  • Dual graphs enable absorbance vs time or absorbance vs wavelength plots
  • All kinetic data saved
  • Save new kinetics methods

Accounts and Data

  • Password protected accounts available
  • All data automatically saved & searchable by account, sample name & type, application and date
  • Configurable reports easily accommodate LIMS and user preferred formats
  • Print microfuge tube labels using a DeNovix supported printer
  • Print reports to a networked printer or DeNovix supported label printer
  • Export full data sets via email; save to a network folder or USB thumb drive.

Software Data Analysis

  •  The DeNovix® DS-11 + Spectrophotometer software automatically analyzes and saves all measurement results to the onboard instrument computer.
  • Measurement apps as well as the Data app use a three page structure to maximize the information provided while maintaining an intuitive, uncluttered interface.
  • Absorbance data is analyzed and app specific relevant data such as calculated concentrations and purity ratios are displayed on the Run screen.  
  • A running list of sample results are presented on the Results screen.
  • Sample spectra are displayed on the Graph screen. Up to 24 spectra may be overlaid on the graph for quick sample comparisons.
  • Data of interest can be emailed, sent to a network folder or saved to a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drives. The export format is a .csv file that may be opened with common spreadsheet programs such as Excel for user-specific additional analysis. The files include the relevant data presented on the Report screen as well as all absorbance values per wavelength across the measured wavelength range.

DS-11+ Data App

  • The software also includes an intuitive Data app which enables the user to review and export results from multiple measurement sessions at their convenience. This capability makes it easy to compare samples measured on different days.
  • The app includes both Quick and Advanced Search options to make it easy to find your data. Simply filter by account and parameters of interest, tap “Search” and get your results.
Instrument Type Denovix DS 11+
Micro Volume Mode
Minimum Sample Size 0.5 µL
Pathlength 0.5 mm (auto ranging to 0.02 mm)
Light Source Pulsed Xenon flash lamp
Detector Type 2048 element CCD
Wavelength Range 190-840 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 0.5 nm
Spectral Resolution 1.5 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)
Absorbance Precision 0.015 AU (1cm), or 1%, whichever is greater
Absorbance Accuracy 1.5% at 0.75 AU at 260 nm
Absorbance Range 0.015 – 750 (1 cm equivalent path length)
Detection limit 0.04 mg/ml BSA; 0.75 ng/µl dsDNA
Maximum Concentration 1125 mg/ml BSA; 37.500 ng/µl dsDNA
Lower Sample Surface Material of Construction 303 stainless steel and sapphire window
Upper Sample Surface Material of Construction 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Contaminant Detection SmartQC™ Sample Guidance
Cuvette Mode
Beam height 8.5 mm
Heating 37-45 °C +/- 0.5 °C
Pathlength 10, 5, 2, 1 mm
Absorbance Range 0.0008-1.5 AU (1 cm path length)
Detection Limit 0.002 mg/ml BSA: 0.04 ng/µl dsDNA (1 cm)
Maximum Concentration 75 ng/µl dsDNA (10 mm pathlength
Onboard Controller (No PC required)
Operating System Custom Android™ OS
Display 1280 X 800 high definition color display
User Input Touch screen with swipe and pinch motion; glove compatible
Internal Storage 32GB flash drive
Connectivity 3 USB ports for printer, barcode reader and USB drive
Networking Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Measurement Time 2 seconds
Colors Arctic White, Brazilian Blue, Fire Red, Tungsten Silver
Footprint 20 cm X 33 cm
Weight 2 kg
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Operating Power Consumption 10 W; max 30 W
Approvals CE, UL/CSA, FCC and Japan CAB

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