Bio Bench Twin Advanced Bioreactor

Bio Bench_Twin
Bio Bench Pro Module
Gas Mixing Module
Pump Module

Next Generation Bioreactors

  • Bio Bench Twin Advanced Bioreactors and Fermentor, designed for both research and process development in cell culture and fermentation.
  • Enable to interchange classic stirred tank glass autoclavable, SUB disposable vessels and SIP In situ sterilizable vessels from 75mL to 150 litres volume.
  • unique, integrated, space-saving tower design enables up to 36 units working in parallel and independently.
  • Powerful SCADA Software BIOFLEX TM for multipurpose fermentations and cell cultures processes.


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  • Bio Bench Twin Advanced Bioreactors and Fermentor, designed for both research and process development in cell culture and fermentation.
  • TWIN Bioreactor Systems combine the advantages of Parallel operations, Modular design Controller with extreme flexibility and full functionality of industrial bioreactors.
  • The Control Tower provides advanced process control.
  • Besides the standard measurement and control possibilities, advanced control features like pressure control, Constant Total Gas Flow Control, Gravimetric Feed and Harvest Control are possible. Our Controller platforms enable to interchange classic stirred tank glass autoclavable, SUB disposable vessels and SIP In situ sterilizable vessels from 75mL to 150 litres volume.
  • For process safety and advanced process documentation a 4-Level password module as well as a Logbook module is available.
  • Use of a unique, integrated, space-saving tower design enables up to 36 units working in parallel and independently.
  • For further enhancement of system performance, a powerful supervisory process control software BIOFLEX TM for extended visualization, data acquisition and trend display is inclusive.
  • Powerful industry rated HMI-PC control system with 19” or 22” TFT color touchscreen
  • Independent process control for up to 36 culture vessels with a combination of STR stirred tank glass vessels, SUB disposable vessels and SIP in situ sterilizable vessels
  • Measurement and Control of pH, pO2, Temperature, Foam, Level, Substrate addition, Gas Mixing, Agitation, Gravimetric Feed and Harvest Control, Constant Total Gas Flow Control, Vessel pressure, Redox and Turbidity
  • Up to 8 integrated peristaltic pumps with choices for fixed and analogue speed pumps for each bioreactor
  • Superior gas mixing with up to 8 Rotameter and Mass Flow Controller for each bioreactor
  • Easy on-site Supply Tower and Culture vessel upgrade
  • Choice of pre-configured systems or customize from an extensive list of options
  • Improved connectivity of utilities and probes
  • Easy upgrade of cell culture packages for multi-purpose use
  • Inclusive Supervisory Process control software
  • Validation support available, inclusive Logbook and 4-Level password protection
Specification Bio Bench Twin Advanced 
Agitation System Direct drive, mechanical or magnetically coupled drive
Stirrer speed (rpm) Standard range is 1 – 2000 rpm adjustable according to required configuration either bacterial, cell culture or both
Impellers Rushton, marine, pitched Blade, adjustable and removable type impellers. Special impellers are also available
Gas sparger Porous sparger, L-type sparger, Sinterized sparger, fixed or removable type
Gas overlay Included as standard feature
Gas mixing Standard set-up include Air, O2, CO2 and n2 gas mixing station, our unit can hold up to 8 gasses. Standard set-up include Flowmeters with on/off automatic solenoid valve for gas flow regulation or massflow controllers for automatic gas flow control and data recording
Exhaust gas Water cooled exhaust gas Condenser
Sampling Sanitary sampling system with Fixed height or Height adjustable sampling pipe including contained sample bottles available with various volumes
Harvesting Harvest pipe and Dip tube Fixed height or Height adjustable
Liquid additions Triple or single inlet ports for chemicals additions (optional micro liquid injectors).
pH Optical or classic pH sensor, 12mm, 19mm or 25mm Ingold connectors, (various lenght). PLC and SCADA Software Control: via acid pump or CO2 gas (Flowmeter or mFC) in combination with alkali pump and/or other actuators.
DO2 Optical or classic DO sensor, 12mm, 19mm or 25mm Ingold connectors, (various lenght). PLC and SCADA Software Control: via or in combination with n2, Air, O2 (Flowmeter or automation mFC) and agitation or nutrient addition pump or other actuators
Temperature Pt-100 sensor in thermo well in top plate. PLC and SCADA Software Control: cooling and/or heating jacket via bioreactor wall or via internal heat exchanger, cooling via tap water or chilled water
Foam Height adjustable conductivity based foam and level sensor, High/low foam sensors are also available. PLC and SCADA Software Control: Anti foam addition pump or other actuators.
Level Height adjustable conductivity based level sensor. PLC and SCADA Software Control: pump for liquid addition or removal
Pressure Pressure sensor top plate mounted. PLC and SCADA Software Control: modulated pressure valve, combined with air inlet, Flowmeters/mFC, agitation and other actuators
Weight Load cells and balances are available. PLC and SCADA Software Control: pump for liquid addition or removal
Probes and sensors available Online Biomass probes, optical density sensors, CO2/O2/nH4/SO2 gas analyzer, pCO2 sensor, conductivity, methanol/ethanol analyzers. Automated samplers PLC and SCADA Software Control integrations, OPC compliance.
Photo-Bioreactors Special accessories for photo syntetic and photo trophic microorganisms, variable lED light set and other.

Key Competitive Advantages

  • Parallel operation reduces development times
  • Modular design and interconnectivity with external devices allow individual solutions
  • Superior BIOFLEX TM control software support sophisticated process control, comprehensive data and information management and Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Advanced process development with consideration of Quality by Design (QbD) standards
Total volume Working min. Working vol.
1L / Single wall / Jacketed 0,2 0,8
2L / Single wall / Jacketed 0,4 1,6
3L / Single wall / Jacketed 0,6 2,4
5L / Single wall / Jacketed 1,0 4,0
7L / Single wall / Jacketed 1,4 5,6
10L / Single wall / Jacketed 2,0 8,0
15L / Single wall / Jacketed 3,0 12,0
20L / Single wall / Jacketed 4,0 16,0

Bio Bench Pro Module


  • Controller and Software capabilities from Single to Parallel Bioreactors operations (24 units or more)
  • PLC ‘Programmable Automation Controller’ combined embedded Real time / FPGA  technology
  • HMI-PC  Touch Panel Interface with large color Screen 15”, 19” and 22” size available
  • Integrated BIOFLEX TM Software for Real time process monitoring, supervisory and remote control
  • Industry standard  Ethernet communication for BIOFLEX SCADA Software for simultaneous control of up to 32 systems  and IP network for remote monitoring and technical support assistance
  • Designed to give most configuration flexibility to perform complex functions or merely simple set-up
  • Modular design for unlimited integration of pumps, gas mixing, sensors and actuators in a single or parallel vessels
  • Controller compatible with a wide choose of 30 different interchangeable vessels; Glass autoclavable, SUB disposable, SIP/CIP  Stainless Steel and custom fit
  • Extensive working volume from 75mL to 100 Liters on a single control platform
  • Unique Motor drive for all vessels range with Direct mechanical agitator or Magnetic drive capable of clockwise or Counterclockwise rotation
  • Built-in Optical pH and Dissolved Oxygen sensor for improved accuracy and durability
  • Integration and Interconnectivity with external analyzers, devices, control units and software
  • Non volatile flash memory card for data savings, archive and back up
  • PAT and OPC compliance
  • IP 68, 22, 55 and 65 rated connections and protections for GLP and GMP classified environments.

Gas Mixing Module

  • Innovative Massflow controllers and Rotameters gradient insensitive, accurate temperature and pressure correction for high linearity measurement and control
  • Improved control valve reliable, reproducible, outstanding dynamic behavior
  • Multistage control loops to achieve enhanced dynamic behavior for precise Gas regulation
  • Up to 8 Thermal Mass flow controllers and Rotameters for a Single Bioreactor & Fermentor
  • Up to 192 Thermal Mass flow controllers and Rotameters for Parallel Bioreactors & Fermentors
  • Gas Mixing for Sparger and Overlay with combined or independent controlled actuators
  • Selectable accurate gas control flow rate for microbial and cell culture applications
  • Adaptable to your process, the control performance are adjusted to swiftly respond to setpoint changes, without overshoot.
  • Gases selectable from embedded database; Air, O2, CO2, N2, H2s, HN3 and other gases available for aerobic and anaerobic cultures
  • Automated Software cascade control for pH and DO regulation with Gas mixing
  • Normally Closed / Normally Opened control valve function, possibility of integrated shut-off valve
  • Upgraded electronics versatile flow control algorithms, embedded intelligence, reduced power consumption

Pump Module

  • Superior flow stability and metering accuracy, facilitating high-quality bioprocessing
  • Flexible and scalable, without changing contact materials or losing performance, ensuring the process remains controlled and repeatable at every scale
  • Driven to increase product quality, titer and cell viability, the non-contacting, gentle action of  BIO BENCH peristaltic pumps is the perfect solution for feeds and sampling duties.
  • Providing consistency and repeatability preventing process deviation/non-conformance, maintaining cGMP compliance.
  • Up to 8 Variable and Fix Speed Peristaltic Pumps for a Single Bioreactor & Fermentor
  • Up to 192 Variable and Fix Speed Peristaltic Pumps for Parallel Bioreactors & Fermentors
  • Pump rotation may be set clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever is convenient.
  • Peristaltic pumps are self-priming and self-sealing against backflow, no valves required for inlet or  discharge lines
  • Selectable speed rate 0 – 150 rpm for controlled continuous flow
  • Four tube-holder positions to hold tubes sizes from 0.5 mm to 10 mm for various flow rates
  • Standard operating temperature -10°C to 50°C